I’m Back

Ii  M is for le Monde Sauté

B Captain America C - Ernie Tap

So I’ve neglected you all. The vast amount of readers (according to the Blog Stats, I’ve had 95 hits!).  No excuses, but I’ve been extremely busy finding my place in life. After an extensive search, I still haven’t found it, but I have received some truly inspirational words from my little sister: “Das Leben ist kurz, das Leben ist streßig, das Leben ist eine Entscheidung nach der anderen und manchmal ist das Leben auch schön.” (For those of you who don’t speak German, here is a loose translation: “Life is short, life is stressful, life is one decision after the other, and sometimes, life is good.”). And sometimes life is good. And life is good right now. I’ve managed to get myself a new job working on two global brands. I hope that this will inspire me to write a lot of good stuff about the relationship between brands and cultures.

When you start a new job, it gives you a chance to reorganize your life, mainly because you change the hours that you work. What a good time to create a list of things that I want to accomplish in the next few months (I hate New Year’s resolutions – so maybe this will work because we’re still far from the New Year).


3 Responses to “I’m Back”

  1. 1 whatacharacter November 4, 2006 at 2:14 am

    Well then, welcome back! Nice thesis for a blog. Interesting. On which page do we see the sumbliminal advertising? Ever own a Chevy “Nova”?

  2. 2 Culture Shock November 4, 2006 at 2:52 am

    Hey, the first comment on my blog. Exciting. Interestingly, you are the second person to mention the Chevy “Nova” to me while discussing brands and cultures. I’ve sort of heard the story – basically that the car didn’t sell in Spanish-speaking countries because “no va” means literally “it doesn’t go,” and who’d buy a car that doesn’t run. However, after some quick google search, I’ve found the story to be an Urban Legend.

  3. 3 whatacharacter November 6, 2006 at 12:46 am

    crap … that’s the second cherished myth I’ve held dear, to get blown away today! I also just discovered that Walt Disney was in fact entirely cremated, and his head is not frozen in a secret cryogenic chamber awaiting cloning. hmmm …

    Well hey … happy to post and make your aquaintance anyway! 🙂

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