Russell’s Coffee Morning

Yesterday I went to Russell’s Coffee Morning at sNice. What a great event. I did not expect so many smart people and such a variety of topics. I will work on becoming a regular of Likemind. Johanna has written about it and ev


Papier Mache Car

Papier-Mache Car

 The other day I was walking through Midtown West and passed this little gallery with some amazing papier-mache cars. Unfortunately the gallery was closed.

I love how the real car reflects in the paper car.

 Papier-Mache Car 2

e – A Novel


The latest book I’ve picked up to read is e – A Novel. In e we witness an exchange of emails from one ad agency employee to another. Of course the story dramatizes the different characters an ad agency has to offer. Quite a fun read, and because you are just reading emails, it’s a great book to do when you are in an environment where you get constantly interrupted (e.g. the subway).

Next book on my night stand: Jon Steel’s new book The Perfect Pitch

The Challenge

So here’s my challenge: besides starting a new job, I’m planning to accomplish the following:

  • Create a blog that’s worthwhile reading (you know, a blog that not just my parents enjoy)
  • Do all the assigments on Russell’s Account Planning School on the Web
  • Pick up some old hobbies, such as
    • playing the guitarGuitar
    • charcoal drawingCharcoal Drawing

That should be it for now. After all, I’m trying to be realistic here (yeah, right). Ok, next post will be more advertising related. I promise.

I’m Back

Ii  M is for le Monde Sauté

B Captain America C - Ernie Tap

So I’ve neglected you all. The vast amount of readers (according to the Blog Stats, I’ve had 95 hits!).  No excuses, but I’ve been extremely busy finding my place in life. After an extensive search, I still haven’t found it, but I have received some truly inspirational words from my little sister: “Das Leben ist kurz, das Leben ist streßig, das Leben ist eine Entscheidung nach der anderen und manchmal ist das Leben auch schön.” (For those of you who don’t speak German, here is a loose translation: “Life is short, life is stressful, life is one decision after the other, and sometimes, life is good.”). And sometimes life is good. And life is good right now. I’ve managed to get myself a new job working on two global brands. I hope that this will inspire me to write a lot of good stuff about the relationship between brands and cultures.

When you start a new job, it gives you a chance to reorganize your life, mainly because you change the hours that you work. What a good time to create a list of things that I want to accomplish in the next few months (I hate New Year’s resolutions – so maybe this will work because we’re still far from the New Year).

Dumbo Art Under The Bridge Festival

 Erin at Dumbo Art Under The Bridge Festival

I went to the Dumbo Art Under The Bridge Festival with some friends. Amazing stuff out there. Especially when we can do our own little experiments in a small little studio with no other art admirers. Creating our own interactive art thanks to the wonders of shadows was fun. And as always, you can’t neglect the beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Beauty of Cleaning

There has always been something beautiful about clean clothes. This commercial for Ariston washing machines, however, actually makes me want to wash my clothes. As a matter of fact it makes me want to crawl into the washing machine and take a spin or two to find out the undercover life of my bras.


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